Committed to Supporting Children

At Totalhealth Kids Inc., we provide high-quality care to children in need. Our focus lies on creating health, educational, and social programs for less fortunate children, especially those with low socioeconomic statuses and those who are in orphanages. We are based in Waldorf, Maryland, and we help children in both our country and abroad.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide  support for vulnerable children in the Washington metropolitan area and in Nigeria. Our comprehensive programs include mentoring classes, medical aids and improving health access in rural areas, as well as  empowering women to be active providers for their family.

Through Totalhealth foundation in Nigeria, we focus on providing free health awareness, education and improving human dignity; whilst focusing on  combating childhood obesity  as well as supporting organizations that provide for destitute families locally.

Vulnerable children are defined as:

  • Children living with terminally ill parents
  • Destitute children

  • Neglected or abandoned children
  • Orphans

We are committed to do everything we can to assist you in sharing your time and resources with these children in need.

Our Philosophy

In order to make the world a better place, we believe that we must meet the preventative health care needs of needy families  across the globe. When we all work together, we have the capacity to make meaningful changes in the lives of others, one family at a time.

Our Promise

To our partners abroad, we pledge to provide a playground, a first aid room, and a library resource room. We also commit to sponsor at least two teachers per year. We renewed our efforts to provide free monthly clinic to residents of Ile-ogbo, Osun State, focusing on education and disease management.

Locally, we are dedicated to sponsor obese children through our Advantage Kids weight management club and yearly support of "So Others May Eat".

Support Our Cause

Let us work together in helping children and their families reach their goals and dreams on a spiritual, academic, and emotional level. Join our cause today by donating your time and or finances.

For more details on how you can support our mission, please contact us right away. With plenty of opportunities to help, we’re sure that you’ll be happy working with us.